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Over the past few years, FILIP MUYLLAERT has travelled through over 40 countries worldwide to seek inspiration and wisdom. He was inspired by entrepreneurs, Namibian tribes, Finnish raindeer herders, Bedouins in Oman, street children in Guatemala or courageous innovators in Soweto. As an idea curator, he also reads magazines, blogs and over 100 books per year: from the future of artificial intelligence to endurance techniques of Japanese marathon monks.

FILIP MUYLLAERT's experience as a professional speaker ranges from keynote presentations at large-scale conferences, private corporate events, workshops in the boardrooms of all sizes of companies and guest lectures at colleges and universities.  As a speaker, he has given presentations worldwide, including in Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Muscat, Porto, San José, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw and many more.  Apart from motivational speeches, his highly rated presentations cross between topics like inspiring leadership, coping with change and unpredictability, the business use of artificial intelligence and communication.

Delegates consistently rate the presentations of Filip as inspiring, surprising and refreshing. He captivates audiences by mixing a thought provoking and dynamic presentation style with solid business content. With his customized presentations, he brings infectious energy to every group he addresses and his keynotes are regarded as being truly transformational.

FILIP MUYLLAERT can customize his speaking topics according to your wishes.


In today’s often challenging business environment, leaders should have the skills, the attitude and the mind-set to inspire individuals to rise to their full potential – and beyond.  It’s an essential competitive advantage if leaders can mobilize their workforce around a shared vision and guide them to success while simultaneously accomplishing the goals of the organisation.

Being inspirational is one of the most crucial of all leadership competencies.  Even more, it’s a key asset to earn leadership. Inspiring leadership can truly transform individuals into superstars, drive change and ignite long-lasting motivation.  Professional keynote speaker Filip Muyllaert will provide his audience with thought-provoking insights on how leaders can inspire people to move in the same direction and to work together in the service of something greater than themselves.

How to win in a world of unpredictability?

In today’s business context, disruption and continuous change is the new normal.  So how can organisations, the people within these organisations and ultimately a person’s mindset be reconfigured to cope with unpredictability? What is the DNA of dynamic and fluid companies?  How can companies survive and thrive in the long run within the conditions of continuous change?  In other words, how can people prepare for winning today and tomorrow?

In his keynote “How to win in a world of unpredictability”, Filip Muyllaert offers his audience a powerful blend of business inspiration, thought-provoking principles and unexpected observations that will take organisations and their teams to new levels of achievement.  With his hybrid speaking approach, mixing multiple dimensions of looking at reality, Filip offers his audience a truly transformative and impactful experience.


We have recently seen rapid progress in the fields of pattern recognition, natural language processing, image recognition, machine learning, deep learning – all collectively known as artificial intelligence (AI).

Filip Muyllaert, AI trendwatcher, is available to speak on the artificial intelligence revolution and his presentations specifically focus on how businesses worldwide - from a wide variety of industries - are currently using artificial intelligence driven technology to move their success forward. His keynote speeches can be fully tailor-made to the industry your business is operating in.

The amount of progress we can now expect in any given year is truly mind-boggling. Virtually every industry will be impacted. Everything that has been invented in the past 150 years will be reinvented in the next 15 years, driven by Artificial Intelligence. Especially the explosion of data may have made Artificial Intelligence trendy again. It's real now and it’s just getting started.  The question is: how can your business tap into the full potential of Artificial Intelligence? Be inspired and learn how companies worldwide are currently taking advantage of this breakthrough technology.

MOTIVATION  -   Be Limitless

In their journey to success, people may stumble and fall. ‘Be Limitless’ is a powerful and inspiring keynote speech about the value of never giving up, in spite of challenging circumstances. Being persistent with a purpose is a key element of sustainable success, both in your professional and private life.

Those who are positive, passionate and persistent keep pushing themselves to new limits. They never surrender. They never give up because they know that the race can only be won by those who keep running. They know that a failure is not always a mistake. The real mistake is to stop trying.  In this keynote presentation, Filip Muyllaert will energize the audience to new levels of achievement and truly inspire them to ‘Be Limitless'

Masterful Presentations

The key to your success lies in your ability to communicate. All hard work – ideas, strategies, plans, objectives or efforts in general – comes to nothing if you cannot convince others to act on it.  This keynote presentation will serve you unique insights that will help you to deliver a presentation clearly, insightfully, persuasively and with enthusiasm so that you can connect with your audience and propel people to action.

Top-flight communication skills are essential for future success in all spheres of business. The ability to deliver a message in a compelling way is a key differentiator for individuals and the organizations they represent. Cracking the code to deliver ‘Masterful Presentations’ will help you to get ahead. And stay ahead.

Timing of this presentation: 2, 4 or 8 hours



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