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Inventor, Founder & Chairman of TWITTER, Co-founder of easy-payments-by-plastic start-up Square

JACK DORSEY is an American software architect and businessperson best known as the creator of Twitter. He took Twitter through an order of magnitude of growth and two major rounds of financing, whilst safely navigating the business through some difficult times. He is also the co-founder and CEO of the new credit card payment device Square. MIT's Technology Review named him in the TR35, an outstanding innovator under the age of 35.


Photo Автор: Kekoa Max Kiesler from San Francisco, USA - Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone - Twitter, CC BY 2.0,

BusinessWeek called JACK DORSEY one of technology's "best and brightest"

Originally from St. Louis, JACK DORSEY 's early interest in real-time messaging lead him to Manhattan where he wrote dispatch software for taxis, couriers and emergency 911 centres. Throughout his work on dispatch, medical, and ticketing systems, he kept discovering the concept of 'status' updates, which helped fuel the ideas behind Twitter, a global utility connecting people in real-time through short updates from wherever they are.

What he offers you

One of the new breed of young entrepreneurs, JACK DORSEY shows international audiences exactly what it takes to create and successfully lead a start-up company even in difficult times. He also explains how new social media is changing the way we communicate and do business and how "Immediacy, Transparency and Approachability" can make social media a powerful communication tool.

JACK DORSEY 's eye opening presentations are current, highly insightful and eloquently delivered.

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