Founder Member of RYANAIR

KELL RYAN is a founding member of Ryanair, the largest low-cost airline in Europe. Ryanair was financed by and was the dream of Dr T.A.Ryan, Kell Ryan's older brother. Kell worked at Ryanair from its conception, when the airline had only 50 employees until his retirement in 2004. In 1985 Ryanair carried 5000 passengers and nowadays they are Europe's most successful low-cost airline with many millions of passengers every year.

"Ireland is a nation of storytellers and Kell Ryan is no exception in this regard."

KELL RYAN spent 24 years working for the Irish national airline Aer Lingus were he was responsible for all operations, passenger and other airline handling contracts at London Heathrow Airport. KELL RYAN headed the major and crucial transfer of Ryanair to the then little known airport of Stansted and has spent a number of years primarily promoting and marketing Ryanair within Europe.

During his presentations Mr KELL RYAN takes audiences through the many stories of Ryanair's journey from its inception as a small conventional Irish airline to a company that has revolutionised the European airline business. He offers valuable insights into the success behind Ryanair and the importance of good customer service, training, marketing, sales, operations, and media communications.

KELL RYAN combines his industry knowledge with amusing anecdotes and stories from the airline industry to entertain and also get across serious business messages to audiences around the world.