The Friendly Hacker KEREN ELAZARI is an internationally recognized cyber security analyst, author, and researcher with more than 20 years of experience in the cyber security field. Keren covers emerging security technologies and trends as an independent strategic advisor, working with leading technology providers, government agencies, innovative start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies.

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In 2014, Keren became the first Israeli woman to speak at the prestigious TED Conference. Keren’s talk has been viewed by millions, translated to 30 languages, and chosen for TED’s ‘Most Powerful Ideas’. Today, Keren’s TED talk is still one of TED’s most watched talks on the topic of security and hacking. Keren holds a CISSP certification and a Masters in Security Studies, and is a senior researcher at the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel Aviv University .


KEREN ELAZARI is the founder of Israel’s largest security research community event, BSidesTLV, part of the global SecurityBSides movement, and the Leading Cyber Ladies, a global professional network for Women in Cyber Security.
Official Title : Keren Elazari - Cyber Security Analyst, Author & Researcher
Founder, BSidesTLV, Israel’s largest hacker and security research community event Founder, Leading Cyber Ladies, a professional network for Women in Cyber Security
Senior Researcher at Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, Israel


Speaking Topics :

Cyber Security in The Age of Covid19 Cyber criminals have adapted to the new reality – what about you ? The Covid-19 crisis has changed the way we do business, and criminals have quickly adapted to the new reality. Home has become the new office, and organizations that once feared the cloud have now rushed on, in order to maintain business as usual in these unprecedented times. Keren Elazari, TED speaker, security analyst and  friendly hacker walks you through the new realities of cyber security challenges, and shared trends, predictions and strategies to build resilience.                 © Keren Elazari


Learn how future-forward organizations are changing their security strategy to stay ahead of the challenge. This talk will be a fast journey into the new realities of cyber security threats, cyber hygiene and staying safe at home, at work, and with our families. From Zoom credential theft to Account takeovers, through Ransomware and Phishing, we’ll shed light on emerging security threats, attacker’s techniques, and practical ideas on how to build a safe future for any type of organization.

The Future of Cyber Security from A friendly Hacker’s Perspective

Cybersecurity is no longer about protecting secrets. It's about our way of life that relies on digital technology, everywhere -- from clouds to smartphones, from sensors to webcams, to stock markets and so much more. Complicating matters more, today’s cyber criminals are innovating just as fast as the digitally innovative organizations they attack. In this environment, are you and your organization thinking about what's next? This talk we’ll inspire executives and techies to act on what matters most. We’ll shed light on emerging security threats, new attack vectors and techniques; discover what we can learn from friendly hackers and how to work with them – and talk about practical ideas on how executives can make a difference in their organizations. We’ll discuss the future workforce and business challenges in this space and how to foster more diversity in cybersecurity. Finally, we’ll look at the future of cybersecurity and learn why resilience will be defined not just by our efforts to balance technology’s benefits against the risks it brings with it, but by how we evolve our paradigms about security, privacy and digital access.

Tap into The Hacker Mindset – Innovation lessons we can learn from hackers !

In the information age, data is the new currency and access to it is power. With battle cries such as “Information wants to be free”, “Hack the planet” and “we are legion” – in recent years, Hackers have risen to infamy. But can we learn anything about innovation from them? The surprising fact is that hacking can, and often does, improve products. It exposes vulnerabilities, supplies innovations, and demonstrates what is possible and how consumers want to use technology. In this talk we will see how companies that once fought hackers, can now invite them to innovate – and why more and more companies are learning to embrace the creative aspects of hacker culture.

Testimonials - What People Say About Keren Elazari

• “We should all welcome friendly hackers...very inspiring session” SAP
• “Your inspirational talk provided us with a much needed outside-in perspective and has definitely inspired many of our colleagues to follow your recommendations. The enthusiastic responses to your presentation by everyone watching across Allianz showed that your efforts were successful and it truly was a great experience for all of us around the globe.” Allianz SE
• “Extremely relevant and thought provoking – the highlight of the event!” Cisco
• “Congrats for your conference at Forbes and Mastercard Cybersecurity Summit in Mexico! Great how you pave the way from your personal experience and what is going on the industry, your recommendations to not only be aware but also informed. Awesome experience to know about you, and how you can inspire others to the talent of future...". Forbes and Mastercard
• “Keren Is A Hacker By Heart” TEDxTransmedia
• “Renowned cybersecurity researcher and analyst Keren Elazari posited the perfect metaphor for hackers in a now-viral TED talk: hackers are the internet's immune system, pushing the internet to become stronger and healthier.” Mashable
• "Thanks for the great session today at our offices in Zurich - it was very inspiring, lively and interesting. Super Cool!" - Swiss Bank
• “We really wanted to highlight your outstanding speech. It was an extraordinary presentation to attend to say the least. Your insights were eye-opening in part and have an utmost relevance to us. I have had many of the attendees’ feedback on your session, sharing how inspiring and valuable it was for their thinking and planning their year ahead…” - Fortune 100 company

Keren Elazari est une chercheuse internationalement reconnue, auteur et conférencière sur les sujets touchants à la cybersécurité et la culture hacker. Depuis 2000, Keren travaille avec les plus importantes entreprises de sécurité, organisations publiques et compagnies du Big 4 et des Fortunes 500. Ses recherches indépendantes sur la cybersécurité ont été mentionnées par Scientific American, WIRED magazine,, VICE Media entre autre.


Keren Elazari possède une certification CISSP et un master en études de sécurité de l’Université de Tel Aviv où elle est également chercheur senior au Centre Interdisciplinaire de Cyber-recherche de Balvatnik. Elle est aussi fondatrice de Bsides TLV, un événement dans la communauté des spécialistes de la sécurité. Keren est aussi membre de la faculté de la Singularity University, un think tank privé de la Silicon Valley.


En 2014, Keren Elazari est la première femme israélienne à faire une présentation lors de la prestigieuse TED conference. Son discours ‘Hacker: the internet’s immune system’ a été visionné par des millions de personnes en ligne, traduit dans 30 langues différentes et sélectionné parmi les ‘Idées les plus puissantes’ de et ‘TED Talks pour les entrepreneurs’ par Sa dernière collaboration, un bestseller sur Amazon, s’intitule ‘Women in Tech” (Penguin Random House, 2016).


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