MAGDA CHELLY, is the Managing Director of Responsible Cyber Pte. by day, and a cyber feminist hacker by night. Magda is the brand ambassador of Peerlyst, one of the strongest InfoSec online communities. She spends most of her time supporting chief information security officers in their cyber security strategy and roadmap. She reviews technical architectures, cloud migrations, and digital transformations. She is continuously raising cyber security awareness & diversity at a global scale.
MAGDA CHELLY is currently based in Singapore, with a global reach through her company in 19 locations worldwide. She speaks five languages fluently, and has a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering with a subsequent specialization in cyber security. She also was recently nominated as global leader of the year at the Women in IT Awards 2017, and TOP 50 cyber security influencer globally.
MAGDA CHELLY’s achievements are various, and international :

•    She built a global partnership with K2 Partnering Solutions, a recruitment and placement company.
•    She is awarded TOP 50 International cyber security influencer, internationally as per below link
•    She is a Certified Security Professional, CISSP.
•    She is a trainer with Singapore Business Federation.
•    She is an official contributor on one of the major worldwide known cyber security platforms
•    She founded a diversity platform ‘’ Woman In Cyber’’ where she encourages diversity and inclusion Woman In Cyber
•    She is the brand ambassador of Peerlyst