STEFAN GROBE is one of the lead presenters and most familiar correspondents of Europe’s most watched news news channel Euronews.
Since 2012, he is the channel’s Washington bureau chief, having covered the 2012 primaries and election campaign and reported live from Barack Obama’s Chicago headquarters on Election Day. More recent assignments included the Sandy Hook and Navy Yard shootings, the UN General Assembly and the US government shutdown.

STEFAN GROBE also went one-on-one with legendary national figures like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Jesse Jackson.
In the years before reporting from Washington, he anchored Business Weekly on Euronews, an economic and financial news programme that features analysts, corporate executives and policymakers. Among his interviewees were Christine Lagarde and Jean-Claude Trichet. Stefan also covered the World Economic Forum in Davos, the G20 Summit in Cannes and the G8 Summit in Camp David.
German-born, STEFAN GROBE conducted on-air interviews in English, German and French and is comfortable moderating conferences in either language. In addition, Stefan holds a PhD in American History and taught US History and Politics at an American Business School in Lyon, France from 2002 to 2011."